Chance for Children marks 25th anniversary

Ghana has shown good progress in providing safe environment for the development of children through sound policies, legal environment and implementation of radical interventions, Madam Faustina Yorke Awortwe, the Western Regional Director of Children has said.

She said children were integral part of the family and as such a child’s welfare could not be separated from that of the family, ‘it is the family that is responsible for transforming the child into a civilized adult.’

The Director for Children said a child needed to grow in a peaceful family environment where care and protection of the child was paramount, ‘good affection and provision of the material need to ensure their full and harmonious development.’

She was speaking at the 25th anniversary of the Chance for Children, a non-profit organization at Takoradi in the Western Region.

Mrs. Awotwe said it was an obligation for parents or adults to provide the basic necessary needs of life for their children including protection, assurance for survival
and development.

She appealed to all stakeholders to get involved in social services to support the child system to guarantee the right of all children to live a life free from violence, abuse, exploitation, and neglect.

Mr. Felix Kwakye-Abankwah, CFC, said the organisation which came to Takoradi in 2023 had since assisted more than 100 children with training and school needs to halt streetism.

He mentioned Effiakuma, Whindo and, New Takoradi as their operational communities.

Projecting into the future, he said, ‘we are looking at 30 street connected children for training and support.’

Source: Ghana News Agency