Christians advised to position themselves for the doctrine of Jesus Christ

The Reverend Ebenezer Ayer, Head Pastor of the Priesthood Worship Centre, Assemblies of God, Tema Community Six, has called on Christians to position themselves well to pay heed to the doctrine of Jesus Christ.

Rev. Ayer mentioned that Christians must filter what their eye sees, ear listens to, nose breathes in, as well as what the mouth says, as they could influence their actions and decisions and determine their direction and guidance received on earth.

Preaching at the church’s tenth-anniversary celebrations, using Timothy 4:6, he said, ‘Every action you have taken or are about to take depends on the information you have received.’

He stated that false doctrines have been in existence over the years, citing the teachings of balaam in the book of Numbers to be known as one of the false doctrines in the Bible, which persuaded many people into fornications.

He cautioned Christians to check the doctrine underlying some prayer groups they had joined so that their spirit does not get corrupted, stressing tha
t information absorbed could either lead one to heaven or hell, hence the need to focus on the doctrine of Jesus Christ, which leads to salvation.

Source: Ghana News Agency