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Culture: musician Philbill says unlawfully detained in Europe

Cameroonian artist, Philbill says he is being unlawfully detained and his passport confiscated in Germany by Rosette Loe, of Newol entertainment.

Diyani Bill Munyenge, popularly known as Phillbill says he was hired by Newol entertainment for a European tour that was scheduled to take place this August but unfortunately he was not booked enough.

He made the revelation in a live video on his Facebook page on Thursday August 17, where he explained:

“Rosette Loe of Newol entertainment is the one who brought me here for my European tour but unfortunately the date was not yet known and she proposed I stay with her friend in Switzerland. A proposal I turned down because I enjoy privacy and so I rpaid my way back to Cameroon because there were no performance days booked.”

He further says while in Cameroon, the lady informed him that he had performance dates and so should return to Germany for a tour. To his greatest surprise upon arrival, there was no tour.

“As I discovered that there were no dates booked yet, I asked what should be done. She took my passport claiming it was to establish a residence declaration but kept me in an apartment. Here in my apartment there is no food. She complained that there were no funds for it and that she had spent a lot and so I decided to take on the charges again.

“She kept on assuring me, telling me that I cannot perform just anywhere because I am not just any celebrity. Even my manager proposed 6 dates which she all rejected.

“This lady doesn’t want me to go out and even if I’m going out, it should be with her or her team.”

Phillbill further says he discovered that the tour was already a failure and wanted them to part ways after the treatment he received from his business partner. He tried in vain to get his passport. He adds that he had a performance in Nuremberg, Germany but couldn’t make it because Rosette was retaining his passport.

Philbill announced he has filed a complaint at the Police. This he says was after Rosette and her team made a recent outing which he considered was damaging to his career and defamatory.

Source: Cameroon News Agency