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I am confident I will win- Jefferson Sackey

Mr Jefferson Sackey, the New Patriotic Party’s ( NPP) parliamentary candidate hopeful, says he is very confident of emerging as the winner in the primary.

The Presidential Staffer said the atmosphere at the election grounds indicated that most of the delegates would vote for him.

‘I am very confident about winning. You can see I am the one with the biggest tent where a lot of people are eating and drinking…I am very confident that delegates in Ablekuma Central are going to vote for Jefferson Sackey,’ he told the GNA in an interview at the election grounds.

Mr Sackey said he was not worried about the open display of ‘money sharing’ by other aspirants.

He said he believed the delegates already knew who they would vote for so money could not influence their decisions.

‘I don’t think it will influence them. You know people have already made up their minds so I don’t think a ‘transportation’ is going to change anybody’s mind…,’ he said.

Mr Sackey called on delegates who were yet to cast their ballot to vote
for a candidate who could do the job of a parliamentarian well.

He said the Ablekuma Central Constituency was one of the hottest constituencies in the region and, therefore, needed a very dynamic leader.

‘Our elections here are very tight so we need a candidate who is able to break through to get more numbers for the NPP…Vote for Jefferson Sackey because he can do it and he is doing it…’

The NPP is conducting parliamentary primaries for its orphan constituencies today and Ablekuma Central is one of such constituencies.

Today’s election will determine, who the NPP will present as its candidate for the Constituency in the 2024 national elections.

Aside from Mr Sackey, the other three aspirants are Mr Ebenezer Nartey, a former Member of Parliament, Mr Collins Amoah and Mr Larry Anyetei Adjei.

A total of 1,571 are expected to vote.

Source: Ghana News Agency