Prof. George Kofi Amoako Urges Corporate Entities, PSA, and MNEs to use their CSR Dimensions to Contribute to SDGs

Professor George Kofi Amoako, a renowned marketing guru and consultant has called on Corporate Entities, Public Sector Agencies(PSA), and Multinational Enterprises(MNEs) to use their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to contribute significantly to the advancement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted by all members of the United Nations in 2015.

According to Professor Amoako, most companies are implementing CSR and CSI activities without paying any significant attention to the protection and preservation of the environment and the Sustainable Development Goals.

This, he said, had created a huge gap that demanded the attention of all corporate stakeholders such as industries, professional bodies, and academia.

Prof. Amoako, speaking to the media stated that, if multi-national enterprises and Public Sector Agencies(PSA) did not align their respective CSR and CSI activities, it would be extremely difficult to achieve all the 17 World Sustainable Development Goals by the dead
line of 2030.

Prof. George Kofi Amoako recently led a team of renowned researchers from April 2023 to May 2024 to conduct research into the Corporate Social Responsibility and brand performance in Ghana with a sample size of 1106.

The findings of the research from the data collected from 1106 distributing, wholesaling, retailing, and vending firms involved in the telecommunications activities in Ghana revealed that brand knowledge positively impacted organizational brand value.

Further, the Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethical Corporate Social Responsibility were positively related to brand knowledge and brand loyalty.

Also, social CSR was positively related to brand knowledge and organizational brand value.

The research was very helpful in understanding how CSR dimensions significantly affected brand performance across multiple industries.

Prof Amoako, however, urged Corporate Ghana to offer cutting edge training programmes for their employees on CSR and CSI so that they would be w
ell informed, thereby utilizing their acquired skills and knowledge to help the respective institutions and corporate entities to re-align their Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) activities or Corporate Social Investments to be in tandem with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Professor Amoako added that, ‘if all the Corporate Entities, Public Sector Agencies and Multinational Enterprises are able to utilized fully the CSR Dimensions, they would greatly enhance their brand performance, attract and retain more customers/consumers, improve their revenue generation capabilities while at the same time helping society to preserve and protect the environment.’

Before joining the academia, Prof. George Amoako worked in the industry for several years. He has over 30 years of multi- experience in industry, consulting, and teaching at the university level. He previously worked with prestigious Mechanical Lloyd and Fan Milk Ghana Limited.

In the area of consultancy and training services, Prof. George Kofi Amoako h
as consulted and done training for many public and private multi-national companies and organizations such as Bank of Ghana, Ghana Insurance Commission, Ghana Ports and Harbour Authority, Ghana Civil Aviation Authority, British Council and several others.

Professor George Kofi Amoako is a Full Professor of Marketing, and currently, the Director of Research, Innovation and Consultancy at the Ghana Communication Technology University.

He has a proven expertise and track record in consultancy services, corporate training, and delivering and implementing marketing strategies and projects.

Professor George Kofi Amoako was awarded the Top Africa CSR Award in 2015 in Mauritius for his publications in Corporate Social Responsibility. Professor Amoako is ranked amongst the Top 4 Marketing Scholars in Ghana and Top 3% in Africa according to the AD Scientific Index for 2024.

In 2023, Durban University of Technology in South Africa conferred Honoray Full Professor in Marketing on Professor George Kofi Amoako for his
strategic marketing brilliance and significant impact in the field of marketing in Africa and beyond.

The main research focus areas of Prof. George Kofi Amoako are Sustainability, Marketing, Branding, Business Strategy, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Environmental Conservation.

He has done over 30 national assignments for the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission(GTEC) over the past five years.

Professor George Kofi Amoako finally urged Corporate Ghana, especially the Mining and Petroleum Industry, to significantly review and re-align their respective CSR and CSI activities so that collectively we could protect and preserve the Environment and the social well-being of the people.

Source: Ghana News Agency