Yatenga: ‘Waiyan’ leaders strengthen their skills

As part of the regional conferences organized by the general directorate of youth and continuing education, the first leaders of the structure were facing the leaders of the citizen watch movements, ‘the Wayiyans’, Saturday June 29 in Ouahigouya. The objective was to strengthen the skills of these leaders on citizen monitoring and the values ??of the Transition.

Youth, in the dynamic of supporting the authorities in their mission to reconquer the territory on the one hand and, on the other hand, to protect the current authorities against any form of foreign interference or destabilizing action, have organized themselves around roundabouts in different cities across the country to ensure citizen monitoring.

In view of their beneficial actions, strengthening the capacities of leaders is likely to positively influence the smooth running of the Transition and contribute to socio-economic development.

It is in this sense that the Ministry of Sports, Youth and Employment, through the General Directorate of Youth
and Continuing Education (DGJEP), organizes regional conferences on citizen monitoring and values ??of the Transition.

After Ouagadougou and Koudougou, on June 11 and 20 respectively, the first officials of the general directorate of youth and continuing education were in the city of Naaba Kango on Saturday June 29, 2024.

Two communications with relevant themes were presented to the participants. The first communication, whose theme was citizen engagement and citizen monitoring, was presented by the Director General of Youth and Continuing Education, Larba Pilga. The second communication, with the theme ‘The values ????of transition’, was presented by Camille Tamalgo.

For the Director General of Youth and Continuing Education, Larba Pilga, ‘this conference aims to strengthen the skills of leaders of citizen monitoring movements and associations. Since the advent of MPSR2, young people have organized themselves into associations at roundabouts in different cities across the country to support the regime, an
initiative that we greatly appreciate. But strengthening the skills of these movement leaders is necessary so that they can better support this transition of the people.’

A laudable initiative according to the spokesperson for the citizen watch movements and associations of Ouahigouya, Saidou Mandé.

He specifies: ‘This conference comes at the right time since it is part of the logic of strengthening our capacities, a means of giving us the weapons necessary to be actors of change, to monitor, report and act decisively. proactive way. I invite all my comrades to open their ears carefully and to unite all our forces to support the transitional authorities until final victory,’ he suggested.

After this Ouahigouya conference, the course is set towards the town of Sya on July 4, 2024.

Source: Burkina Information Agency