Former Cameroonian Health Minister Hubert Nkoulou passes away at 95

Hubert Nkoulou, Cameroonian former Minister of Health breathed his last on Thursday, February 22, in Yaoundé at the age of 95.

A pioneer in Cameroonian medical science, Nkoulou was revered for his contributions to healthcare and academia.

Born on October 18, 1929, in Olembé, Batchenga, Hubert Nkoulou’s journey was marked by remarkable achievements. After completing his primary education at the Catholic Mission in Bafia and secondary education at the Petit Séminaire in Akono and later at the Lycée Général Leclerc in Yaoundé, he pursued higher studies abroad.

He was appointed as Minister of Public Health from June 18, 1983, to February 4, 1984. His tenure saw significant advancements in the country’s healthcare infrastructure, including the construction and renovation of several hospitals across Cameroon.

Nkoulou’s legacy extends beyond his ministerial role as he played a pivotal role in establishing key healthcare facilities such as the General Hospital of Yaoundé, the Gynecological-Obstetric Hospital of Y
aoundé, and the General Hospital of Douala.

He was also instrumental in the development of pediatric services, orphanages, and leprosy treatment centers.

Throughout his career, Nkoulou’s dedication to healthcare and education earned him admiration and respect both nationally and internationally.

Source: Cameroon News Agency