Hard times for SDF as hundreds of supporters cross carpets

Over a hundred former Social Democratic Front (SDF) members on November 6, 2023, publicly joined the ruling Cameroon People’s Democracy Movement, CPDM. This was during activities to celebrate president Paul Biya’s 41 years in power.

In Mundemba, headquarters of Ndian division in the South West region, a huge number of the said former party members led by the former Mayor of Toko, Nganda Valentine said they are leaving the SDF. The same scenario was witnessed in Bamenda, as the former secretary of SDF in the North West region, Suhsi Peter and others dumped the party and embraced the CPDM. Suhsi Peter was welcomed and dressed in the CPDM uniform by Philemon Yang at the Bamenda congress hall.

While speaking to the press, Suhsi Peter said his reason for joining the ruling party is to help develop his municipality with the help of the mayor and member of parliament who are all of the ruling party.

Source: Cameroon News Agency