Digital Mine Collaboration for Network Use with Sandvik’s AutoMine®

Malvern, Pennsylvania (USA), March 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Rajant Corporation, the pioneer of Kinetic Mesh® wireless networks, collaborated with Sandvik on digital mining tests to ensure that wireless communication can be used with tele-remote and autonomous vehicles destined for the De Beers Venetia diamond mine.

Venetia is South Africa’s largest diamond mine. It has been mined as an open-pit since 1992, with a Rajant Kinetic Mesh network providing resilient connectivity for surface vehicles. The Venetia Underground Project is a ~$2 billion investment that will rely upon autonomous and remotely operated vehicles to mine the diamond-bearing rock efficiently and safely, adopting new techniques for precise sub-level caving extraction. Given this investment, the mine life extends into 2045.

“Our collaboration with Rajant demonstrates real cooperation in adopting best-in-class technology to enable our customers to mine safer and more efficiently. Allied with Sandvik’s world-leading mining machines, the Rajant Kinetic Mesh wireless connectivity allows full utilization of our advanced systems,” says Elen Toodu, Director of Global Automation Product Line & Projects, Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions.

“Testing and validating with Sandvik demonstrated the ability to maintain the network connections required, not only to ensure safe operations but to be able to stream live video from the machines as they operate autonomously,” says Jouni Koppanen, Product Line Manager, Underground Automation, Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions.

The Sandvik intelligent loaders and trucks feature smart solutions that rely on ubiquitous network connectivity within the challenging underground environment. Rajant’s network nodes, called BreadCrumbs® are mounted in fixed points within the mine and on every vehicle to directly connect to the vehicle’s cameras and control safety systems. This ensures that the controlling systems have 100% connection to the onboard systems.

“All Rajant BreadCrumbs communicate with all other radios, creating a unique, high-capacity, dense mesh network of connected assets, operating the advanced software systems at the heart of modern mining,” shares Chris Mason, Rajant VP of Sales, EMEA. “Rajant continuously develops its network offerings by working closely with machine and system manufacturers and the end-customer, enhancing the hardware and software systems that deliver mission-critical connectivity. Working with Sandvik on this task was a true illustration of collaboration across organizations and continents.”

Adds Mr. Mason, “Rajant’s extensive mining heritage in over 270 mines globally has led to the development of the latest Peregrine BreadCrumbs used for validation. This not only proved the resilience of connectivity and ruggedization to survive in the mining environments but provided extremely high throughput and ultra-low latency required for multiple application use.”

Rajant technology is deployed across many mines globally, offering future-proof wireless connectivity. Each time Rajant launches a new BreadCrumb with added functionality, such as increased throughput, additional radio frequencies, or advanced management and control software, each new version is backward compatible with earlier models. This offers a clear path to continual improvement and network upgrade – critical when operations extend well into the future, like Venetia.

About Rajant Corporation

Rajant Corporation is the broadband communications technology company that invented Kinetic Mesh® networking, BreadCrumb® wireless nodes, and InstaMesh® networking software. With Rajant, customers can rapidly deploy a highly adaptable and scalable network that leverages the power of real-time data to deliver on-demand, mission-critical business intelligence. A low-latency, high-throughput, and secure solution for a variety of data, voice, video, and autonomous applications, Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh networks provide industrial customers with full mobility, allowing them to take their private network applications and data anywhere. With successful deployments in more than 80 countries for customers in military, mining, ports, rail, oil & gas, petrochemical plants, municipalities, and agriculture. Rajant is headquartered in Malvern, Pennsylvania, with additional facilities and offices in Arizona and Kentucky. For more information, visit Rajant.com or follow Rajant on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Alice DiSanto
Rajant Corporation

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Johannesburg, March 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —
  • Partnership offers growth opportunity in Africa, building on MultiChoice’s footprint across 50 markets, its excellent execution track record on the continent and the successful Showmax brand.
  • MultiChoice to relaunch Showmax, powered by NBCUniversal’s Peacock technology platform, along with world-class content from NBCUniversal and Sky, offering audiences the best experience with local and global entertainment, as well as live matches of the English Premier League (EPL) football.

Thursday March 2, 2023: MultiChoice Group (MultiChoice) (JSE: MCG) and Comcast’s (NASDAQ: CMCSA) NBCUniversal and Sky today announced a new partnership that will bring some of the world’s best content and technology to streaming customers across MultiChoice’s 50-market footprint in sub-Saharan Africa, at a time when Africa is approaching an inflection point in terms of broadband connectivity and affordability.  The new Showmax group will be 70% owned by MultiChoice and 30% by NBCUniversal. (*See Note). It will build on Showmax’s success to date and aim to create the leading streaming service in Africa.

Powered by Peacock’s leading, globally-scaled technology, Showmax subscribers will have access to an extensive premium content portfolio, bringing African audiences the best of local and international programming. The service will combine MultiChoice’s accelerating investment in local content with a unique pipeline of award-winning and critically acclaimed international content licensed from NBCUniversal and Sky, third party content from HBO, Warner Brothers International, Sony and others, as well as live English Premier League (EPL) football.  The partnership will also provide access to all the best African content such as Showmax Originals and local content from MultiChoice’s proprietary channels including Mzansi Magic, Africa Magic and Maisha Magic.

Using a significant portfolio of global media assets and Peacock’s streaming platform, which finished 2022 with over 20 million paid subscribers in the US, NBCUniversal and Sky will provide ongoing support through the licensing of both technology and content.

“We launched Showmax as the first African streaming service in 2015 and are extremely proud of its success to date. This agreement represents a great opportunity for our Showmax team to scale even greater heights by working with a leading global player in Comcast and its subsidiaries,” said Calvo Mawela, Chief Executive Officer of MultiChoice. “The new business venture deepens an already strong relationship and builds on the Sky Glass technology partnership that we announced in September last year. We believe we are extremely well positioned to create a winning platform going forward.”

Dana Strong, Group Chief Executive Officer, Sky, commented, “This new collaboration in streaming and content with MultiChoice, NBCUniversal, and Sky takes our partnership to the next level in one of the world’s most vibrant, fastest growing markets.  Last year, we announced MultiChoice as a customer of the Sky Glass platform and now we are excited to help innovate its Showmax streaming service.”

Matt Strauss, Chairman, Direct-to-Consumer & International, NBCUniversal, added, “This partnership is an incredible opportunity to further scale the global presence of Peacock’s world-class streaming technology, as well as to introduce millions of new customers to extensive premium content from NBCUniversal and Sky’s stellar entertainment brands.”

Further details about the new Showmax service, including launch date, content and pricing will be announced at a later date.

[*NB: In Nigeria, NBCUniversal will hold an indirect 23.7% stake in the local subsidiary]

Elizabeth Ferreira
MultiChoice Group Ltd

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Henley & Partners : Investissez dans le secteur de l’immobilier en Namibie et obtenez vos droits de résidence

LONDRES, 02 mars 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Le leader mondial de la planification de la résidence et de la citoyenneté, Henley & Partners, lance le programme de résidence par investissement en Namibie, qui constitue la toute dernière option de migration des investissements au monde et la deuxième en Afrique.

Le gouvernement namibien recherche activement des investissements étrangers dans l’optique de stimuler la croissance économique du pays et de diversifier son économie. Ce programme offre de nombreuses possibilités — incitations fiscales, financements et service de guichet unique pour les entreprises internationales — aux investisseurs internationaux désireux de s’implanter et de développer leurs activités sur le continent africain. Pour un investissement immobilier minimum de 316 000 USD dans le nouveau domaine luxueux et écologique avec parcours de golf de President’s Links Estate, situé à Walvis Bay, les investisseurs retenus se verront attribuer un permis de travail renouvelable de cinq ans leur octroyant le droit de vivre, de faire affaires et d’étudier en Namibie.

Le responsable du groupe chargé des clients privés chez Henley & Partners, Dominic Volek, déclare : « Nous sommes ravis d’annoncer cette nouvelle offre innovante de résidence par investissement en Afrique. De par ses magnifiques paysages, son système fiscal attractif et son climat des affaires favorable, la Namibie représente une destination idéale pour les entrepreneurs internationaux, les particuliers fortunés ou les retraités. Ce domaine côtier d’exception, pour lequel des droits de résidence sont offerts, compte moins de 600 unités immobilières ; les investisseurs doivent donc se hâter s’ils veulent profiter de cette occasion limitée d’obtenir des droits de résidence dans l’un des pays les plus riches au monde en espèces fauniques ou floristiques. »

L’un des marchés du patrimoine privé à la croissance la plus rapide d’Afrique

Selon le rapport Africa Wealth Report, publié par Henley & Partners en partenariat avec New World Wealth, le patrimoine privé total actuellement détenu sur le continent africain s’élève à 2 100 milliards USD et devrait connaitre une augmentation de 38 % au cours des dix prochaines années. La Namibie est appelée à devenir l’un des marchés africains à la croissance la plus rapide, avec des prévisions de croissance de plus de 60 % du nombre de particuliers fortunés (ceux qui possèdent une fortune d’un million USD ou plus) au cours des dix prochaines années (jusqu’en 2032). Selon les statistiques de New World Wealth datant de décembre 2022, la Namibie détient un patrimoine total investissable d’une valeur de 26 milliards USD. La richesse moyenne d’un résident namibien (richesse par habitant) se chiffre à 10 050 USD, ce qui constitue la troisième la plus élevée en Afrique après celles de l’île Maurice et de l’Afrique du Sud. La Namibie compte environ 2 100 particuliers fortunés et trois centi-millionnaires (dont la fortune est égale ou supérieure à 100 millions USD).

En vue d’attirer des investissements étrangers, le gouvernement a nettement amélioré le système fiscal au cours de ces dernières années. La Namibie applique un système d’imposition fondé sur la source, les résidents étrangers n’étant généralement imposés que sur les revenus qu’ils génèrent dans le pays. Qui plus est, les taux d’imposition appliqués sont relativement compétitifs par rapport à ceux de nombreux autres marchés émergents et notamment par rapport à ceux des pays voisins, tels que l’Afrique du Sud. Le taux d’imposition sur le revenu le plus élevé appliqué en Namibie est un modique pourcentage de 37 %, mais l’élément le plus remarquable est probablement que le pays n’impose pas les plus-values, la succession, le don, l’héritage, la fortune ou la valeur nette.

Un intérêt sans précédent pour la diversification des domiciles

Le President’s Links Estate constitue pour l’heure le seul moyen d’investissement du programme de résidence par investissement en Namibie. Le responsable du groupe chargé de l’immobilier chez Henley & Partners, Thomas Scott, affirme que l’immobilier international est depuis toujours considéré comme une catégorie d’actifs fiable par les investisseurs mondiaux, en raison de son pouvoir de résistance à long terme. « Les programmes de migration liés à l’investissement immobilier, tels que celui proposé en Namibie, présentent l’avantage supplémentaire d’améliorer votre mobilité à travers le monde et d’élargir vos droits d’accès personnels en tant que résident ou citoyen d’autres pays, ce qui vous donne la latitude de choisir où vous et les membres de votre famille pouvez vivre, travailler, étudier, prendre votre retraite et investir. La valeur des actifs clés, les rendements locatifs et l’accès à plusieurs pays dans le monde en tant que couverture absolue contre la volatilité régionale et mondiale sont autant de gains potentiels que vous pouvez tirer pendant la durée de vie de cet investissement. »

Volek souligne que la demande d’options de résidence et de citoyenneté par investissement a connu une croissance significative et continue au cours de ces dernières années. « L’attrait des programmes de migration par investissement auprès des familles aisées est une réalité véritablement universelle en raison des nombreux avantages y afférents, allant de la multiplication des domiciles à l’amélioration de la mobilité à travers le monde, en passant par l’accès à une éducation et à des soins de santé de classe mondiale, sans perdre de vue la possibilité de disposer d’une solution alternative en période de turbulences. Quel que soit votre lieu de naissance ou votre lieu de résidence actuel, en tant qu’investisseur fortuné, vous, ainsi que les membres de votre famille, pouvez désormais parer à toute éventualité grâce aux options de migration des investissements telles que le nouveau programme de résidence par investissement en Namibie. »

Contact média

Sarah Nicklin
Responsable du groupe chargée des relations publiques
Portable : +27 72 464 8965

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Henley & Partners: Invista em Imóveis na Namíbia e Garanta Direitos de Residência

LONDRES, March 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A mais recente opção de migração de investimentos do mundo — e a segunda da África — o Programa de Residência por Investimento da Namíbia foi lançado pela Henley & Partners, líder global em planejamento de residência e cidadania.

O governo da Namíbia está buscando ativamente investimentos estrangeiros para impulsionar o crescimento econômico do país e diversificar a economia. O programa oferece inúmeras oportunidades para investidores internacionais que buscam uma posição e crescimento no continente africano, incluindo incentivos fiscais, financiamento e um serviço de atendimento completo para empresas internacionais. Ao fazer um investimento imobiliário mínimo de US$ 316.000 no condomínio ecológico President’s Links Estate com campo de golfe, em Walvis Bay, os investidores bem-sucedidos receberão uma permissão de trabalho renovável de cinco anos, que lhes dá o direito de morar, fazer negócios e estudar na Namíbia.

O Chefe do Grupo de Clientes Privados da Henley & Partners, Dominic Volek, disse: “Estamos muito satisfeitos em anunciar esta nova residência inovadora por oferta de investimento na África. A paisagem deslumbrante da Namíbia, o sistema fiscal atraente e o ambiente favorável aos negócios fazem dela uma opção ideal para empreendedores internacionais, indivíduos com alto patrimônio líquido ou aposentados. Há menos de 600 unidades imobiliárias disponíveis nesta propriedade costeira exclusiva que se qualifica para residência, e por isso, os investidores precisam ser rápidos se quiserem aproveitar essa oportunidade limitada para garantir direitos de residência em um dos países mais ricos em natureza e vida selvagem do mundo.”

Um dos mercados de riqueza privada de mais rápido crescimento da África

A riqueza privada total atualmente mantida pelo continente africano é de US$ 2,1 trilhões, e deverá aumentar 38% nos próximos 10 anos, de acordo com o Africa Wealth Report, publicado pela Henley & Partners em parceria com a New World Wealth. Espera-se que a Namíbia seja um dos mercados de crescimento mais rápidos da África no futuro, com um aumento de indivíduos com alto patrimônio líquido (aqueles com riqueza de US$ 1 milhão ou mais) de mais de 60% previsto para a próxima década (até 2032). De acordo com as estatísticas de dezembro de 2022 da New World Wealth, a Namíbia detém US$ 26 bilhões em riqueza total investível. A riqueza média de um residente da Namíbia (riqueza per capita) é de US$ 10.050, classificada como a terceira maior na África, depois da República das Ilhas Maurícias e da África do Sul. A nação é o lar de cerca de 2.100 indivíduos com alto patrimônio líquido, e três multimilionários (com riqueza igual ou superior a US$ 100 milhões).

Para atrair investimentos internos, o governo fez grandes melhorias em seu sistema tributário nos últimos anos. A Namíbia opera um sistema baseado na tributação na origem, no qual os residentes estrangeiros são geralmente tributados apenas sobre a renda que geram no país. Além disso, as alíquotas tributárias são relativamente competitivas em comparação com muitos outros mercados emergentes e particularmente com países vizinhos, como a África do Sul. A taxa máxima de imposto de renda na Namíbia é de modestos 37%, mas talvez o mais notável seja que não há ganhos de capital, propriedade, presente, herança ou impostos sobre a riqueza líquida/valor.

Interesse sem precedentes na diversificação domiciliar

Atualmente, o President’s Links Estate é a única rota de investimento para o Programa de Residência por Investimento da Namíbia. Thomas Scott, Chefe do Grupo Imobiliário da Henley & Partners, diz que o setor imobiliário internacional sempre foi uma classe de ativos confiável para investidores globais devido ao seu poder de permanência em longo prazo. “Os programas de migração com base em investimentos vinculados a imóveis, como a oferta na Namíbia, têm as vantagens adicionais de melhorar sua mobilidade global e expandir seus direitos de acesso pessoal como residente ou cidadão de jurisdições adicionais, criando opcionalidade em termos de onde você e sua família podem morar, trabalhar, estudar, se aposentar e investir. Os ganhos potenciais ao longo da vida útil deste investimento incluem o valor do ativo, os rendimentos de aluguel e o acesso global como uma proteção definitiva contra a volatilidade a nível regional e global.”

Volek ressalta que houve um crescimento significativo e contínuo na demanda por residência e cidadania por opções de investimento nos últimos anos. “O apelo da migração de investimentos para famílias ricas é verdadeiramente universal devido aos seus muitos benefícios, que vão desde a diversificação do domicílio até o aprimoramento da mobilidade global, passando pelo acesso à educação e aos cuidados de saúde de classe mundial, até ter um plano B em tempos de turbulência. Não importa onde você nasceu ou onde você reside atualmente, os investidores ricos podem salvaguardar seu futuro e o de suas famílias para o que quer que possa estar à frente, através de opções de migração de investimentos, como o novo Programa de Residência por Investimento da Namíbia.”

Contato com a Imprensa

Sarah Nicklin
Chefe do Grupo de RP
Celular: +27 72 464 8965

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Avia Solutions Group has become Irish-based company

VILNIUS, Lithuania, March 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Avia Solutions Group, the leading aviation business group, has become an Irish-based company. Following the transfer of its controlling headquarters to Ireland, Dublin, the group also became the second largest Irish-registered aviation business behind aviation giant Ryanair.

“Moving the company’s controlling headquarters to Ireland was a strategically important step for us in terms of our further development plans,” explains Jonas Janukenas, CEO of Avia Solutions Group. “Ireland is known as the hub of aviation. A large number of aviation companies are located here, hence, being closer to the aviation community we will be able to implement the group’s development plans faster and maintain market leadership.”

According to Janukenas, the company’s financial instruments on the Dublin Stock Exchange have been purchased by the world’s largest institutional investors from the USA and Europe, so this was also one of the reasons for choosing Ireland.

The group has offices spanning all across the world: Ireland, Lithuania, the US, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Australia and Asia Pacific.

Avia Solutions Group is the world’s leading and largest ACMI (aircraft leasing, maintenance and insurance) services group with a fleet of more than 165 aircraft. The group also provides various aviation services, such as aircraft maintenance, pilot and crew training, ground handling, and others. Avia Solutions Group employs more than 11,000 highly skilled aviation professionals across different regions of the world.

About Avia Solutions Group

Avia Solutions Group is the largest global ACMI (aircraft, crew, maintenance, and insurance) provider with more than 165 aircraft fleet, and a parent company of SmartLynx Airlines, Avion Express, BBN Airlines, KlasJet, Magma Aviation and more operating in all continents in the world. The Group also provides various aviation services such as MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul), pilots and crew trainings, ground handling and other interconnected solutions. Avia Solutions Group is backed by over 11,000 highly skilled aviation professionals worldwide.

For more information, please visit www.aviasg.com

Media contact:
Silvija Jakiene
Chief Communications Officer
Avia Solutions Group
+370 671 22697

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Long lost Madagascar songbird seen again in wild

Conservationists were celebrating Wednesday the first sightings in 24 years of the dusky tetraka, a yellow-throated songbird native to Madagascar for which ornithologists had feared the worst.

A expedition to remote regions of the island nation confirmed two recent sightings of the bird.

Scientists also learned something about the petite bird’s behaviour that could help explain how it escaped notice for so long, even if it remains extremely rare.

The last documented sighting of dusky tetraka, in 1999, was in the rainforests of northeastern Madagascar, one of the world’s most diverse biodiversity hotspots with hundreds of unique vertebrate species.

In December, an international team of researchers led by the US-based Peregrine Fund drove for 40 hours and hiked for half-a-day to the last spot the warbler-like bird had been seen.

Much of the forest, they discovered, had been destroyed and converted to farms for vanilla production, even though the area is officially protected.

After eight days, team member John Mittermeier, director of the lost birds program at American Bird Conservancy, finally spotted one hopping through dense undergrowth on the ground near a rocky river and snapped a photo.

“If dusky tetraka always prefer areas close to rivers, this might help to explain why the species has been overlooked for so long,” he said.

“Birding in tropical forests is all about listening for bird calls, and so you naturally tend to avoid spending time next to rushing rivers where you can’t hear anything.”

Another dusky tetraka located by a second team also spent most of its time in dense vegetation close to a river, presumably looking for insects and other prey in the damp undergrowth.

“Now that we’ve found the dusky tetraka and better understand the habitat it lives in, we can look for it in other parts of Madagascar,” said Lily-Arison Rene de Roland, Madagascar Program director for The Peregrine Fund.

The bird is on the Top Ten Most Wanted Lost Birds list, a collaboration between Re:wild, American Bird Conservancy and BirdLife International, all partners on the expedition.

More than half of Madagascar’s birds — some 115 species — are endemic, meaning they are found nowhere else.

More than 40 of the island’s bird species are classified as threatened with extinction on the Red List of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

The dusty tetraka — aka Crossleyia tenebrosa — is not classified for lack of data.

The main drivers of biodiversity loss on Madagascar are forest destruction to make way for agriculture, habitat degradation, invasive species, climate change and hunting.

About 40 percent of the island’s original forest cover was lost between the 1950s and 2000, according to earlier research.

Source: Nam News Network